Month: January 2017

Welcome to Precious Lives Website

Precious Lives is a UK registered a charity working with some of the poorest and most disadvantaged families and individuals in London. We provide training opportunities, employment enhancement training, recreational activities and interventional services for all. Managed by a board of trustees our services are delivered by a group of dedicated volunteers. We work together and alongside other voluntary organisations, local government departments, statutory authorities and independent bodies. All our services are completely free. We work in some of the most deprived sections of the community and it would be impossible to charge for the work we do. The...

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Healthy Eating Workshop by Hajj Musa Mutagubya

Precious Lives were honoured to host Hajj Musa Mutagubya a well-known dietician who run a series of workshops in London on the benefits of a good diet to human health. To him, eating is one of the most important events in everyone’s life. “The food we eat is the sole source of our energy and nutrition. What we eat everyday affects our health.” He says. Hajj Mutagubya demonstrated how to stay healthy with a range of healthy food products that supplement one’s diet with money-saving tips. He provided a range of health food products that are a great source...

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