Precious Lives were honoured to host Hajj Musa Mutagubya a well-known dietician who run a series of workshops in London on the benefits of a good diet to human health. To him, eating is one of the most important events in everyone’s life.

“The food we eat is the sole source of our energy and nutrition. What we eat everyday affects our health.” He says.

Hajj Mutagubya demonstrated how to stay healthy with a range of healthy food products that supplement one’s diet with money-saving tips. He provided a range of health food products that are a great source of nutrients. These are cheap recipes that can be easily prepared.

Participants on his healthy food sessions learned about African foods which are plentiful, organic and devoid of refined sugars, excess food additives, chemical preservatives and artificial colours.

Through these workshops he was able to inspire people to eat tasty and healthy food that doesn’t break the bank