See the difference we make in People’s lives by engaging Communities in what we do!

All our services are completely free. We work in some of the most deprived sections of the community and it would be impossible to charge for the work we do. The activities and projects we run are funded by outside sources. Members may make a donation but this is not a requirement for our service.

precious lives bead making project

Jewellery Making Workshop

We run Jewellery and Bead making workshops and our workshops are attended by both young and old people. They get creative and make their own Beads and Jewels.

Drumbeat Performances

Drumbeat Performances

Drumbeat performances are interactive and everyone can join in.They are fascinating, fast moving, entertaining and colourful. They bring communities together to interact in a healthy way.

Precious lives

A thrilling day out for Children

For many of the children 10.08.2012 was their first day out. They escaped to the fabulous world of Alton Towers and had white-knuckle roller coaster rides on the famous Nemesis sub-tera, Air, oblivion, Rita-Queen of speed and much much more.

Precious Lives Provide a Rich Mixture of Activities Including:

Jewellry making classes

Boys and Girls football project

Healthy eating project for youth

Food distribution to the homeless

Cloth distribution to low income family

Dance classes for women, boys and girls.

Dance and exercise classes for over the 60s

Trips and short breaks to get children out of the inner city

Women football for women fleeing from domestic violence

We currently have a membership of over two hundred members who we need to continue to cater for, and a rolling register of users which varies between 150 and 200.